You See What We See: The Benefits of Optomap.

You See What We See: The Benefits of Optomap.

Ever wonder what your eye doctor see’s when they look in your eyes? Learn the benefits of Optomaps ultra-widefield retinal imaging and how it can help our optometrists detect, diagnosis, and monitor your eye health. Plus, You See What We See!

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What are the Signs & Symptoms of a Retinal Detachment?

What are the Signs & Symptoms of a Retinal Detachment?

A retinal detachment is one of a few true ocular emergencies that optometrist see on a regular basis. 

Because retinal detachments can occur to patients of any age, and without warning, the eye doctors at Stonewire believe it's important that you know the signs of symptoms to watch out for. 

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Your Guide to Understanding Cataract Surgery in Edmonton

Your Guide to Understanding Cataract Surgery in Edmonton

Cataracts are a natural age-related change THAT WE ALL DEVELOP to some degree during our lifetime. They sound scary, but really cataract development can end up being a positive eye care experience when handled appropriately.  

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Need an Eye Exam?

Need an Eye Exam?

If you’re looking for an eye exam in Edmonton then we would love for you to consider Stonewire Optometry. Conveniently located in Kingsway Mall, our locally owned eye care clinic offers a family friendly environment, with extended doctor hours and multiple female and male optometrists to choose from. Plus we offer easy parking and access to public transportation.

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Emergency Eye Care

Stonewire Optometry provides emergency eye care services. Whether you’re an established patient or new to our eye care clinic, we are here to help. Our team of optometrists are trained to handle most eye care emergencies that you may experience; and our clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to aid in both the diagnosis and education of your eye condition.

Did you know? Emergency eye care services are covered under Alberta Health Care. Simply show your Alberta Health Care card at the time of the examination.

Should your eye care emergency require the immediate services of an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), our optometrists will ensure that you are referred immediately to the local on-call ophthalmologist. If your eye condition is less urgent but a referral is still required, they will refer you to the appropriate ophthalmologist that specializes in your condition.

As with any medical emergency it’s important to be proactive. If you feel that you need to be seen an eye doctor, please don’t wait until the end of the day to call or walk-in. It’s important to contact our clinic as soon as possible to ensure that you get timely appropriate eye care.

Important: If you should experience an eye emergency after regular business hours that you feel is serious and warrants immediate medical attention, please proceed directly to the Royal Alexandra Hospital emergency department. You may also contact Alberta Health Link at their new 811 number to get medical assistance from a registered nurse.

The Clinic: Are you Looking for an Edmonton Eye Doctor?

Many eye conditions are not immediately apparent and don’t have any obvious signs or symptoms. Having a regular eye exam with a Doctor of Optometry provides them an opportunity to examine your eyes for asymptomatic conditions, while ensuring that your eyeglass and contact lens prescription are up to date.

Stonewire Optometry in Kingsway Mall uses the latest diagnostic equipment to evaluate your eye health and eyewear prescriptions. So if you’re looking for a new optometrist in the Edmonton area, look no further! We would love to become your new eye care providers.


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EyeTech: OCT Imaging

Stonewire Optometry is committed to investing in eye care technology that better allows us to  serve the needs of our patients. One of the newest and most advanced diagnostic instruments in our office is our optical coherence tomography scanning laser ophthalmoscope or OCT for short.

This technology allows our optometrists to see the fine details within your eye, helping them to better understand your eye health or visual symptoms. The OCT aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of many common eye conditions, including: age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

You can learn more about our OCT by visit our OCT imaging page. You can have your eyes imaged by booking an eye exam at Stonewire Optometry. 

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Why Is My Colour Vision So Bad?

Every comprehensive eye exam at Stonewire Optometry starts off with a basic colour vision screening test.

Approximately 5-7% of men have some form of colour vision deficiency. 

Women can also have colour vision deficiency problems, but it’s undoubtetly much rarer.

Most colour vision problems are hereditary in nature, but may also be a sign of an ocular condition or side effect of a medication. As such, your optometrist will want to know if the problem is new or long-standing.

Most people honestly never realize that they have a colour vision problem and only discover it during a job application or routine eye exam. The police department, fire department, Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, Airline pilots, welding inspectors and a host of other professions all require successful candidates to possess adequate colour vision. It's often a very negative moment in eye care when an optometrist has to inform a patient that they don’t meet the vision requirements for their dream job. 

Jacob Colour Vision Deficiency
Case in point. Meet Jacob, a 22-year college student looking to join the Edmonton police force and fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. He finally started the application process and showed up in our clinic with the visual report form to be filled in by one of our optometrists. 
He indicated that he had never had an eye exam, but never needed one because his eyesight was perfect. Before things barely got started, however, we noticed that Jacob did not pass the basic Ishihara colour screening book. The more advanced Farnsworth D-15 colour vision test was performed, which showed a strong red-green colour deficiency.  
To say the least, Jacob was devastated to find out that he had colour vision problems and might not become a police officer. He had never been for an eye exam before and was unaware of any problems.

Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment or cure for colour deficiency. However, this may not be the case for long. A recent study performed at the University of Washington and the University of Florida was able to restore colour deficiency through gene modification therapy in monkeys.  

Please Note: All case examples are fictitious and do not represent real Stonewire Optometry patients. These case examples are used only to highlight common eye care problems and potential solutions. Every patient’s medical situation is unique, and it is always important to discuss your case with your eye doctor to find your best option. These posts are not intended to offer treatment advice, but to improve patient knowledge and facility better doctor-patient communication. 

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Stonewire Optometry is Now Open

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The all new StoneWire Optometry clinic in Kingsway Mall is now open! 

You can now book your next eye exam with one of our optometrists: Dr. Ross McKenzie and Dr. Jeff Holtz. by calling 780.628.6886

StoneWire Optometry in Kingsway Mall accepts scheduled appointments, walk-in appointments and all eye health emergencies. Our clinic provides comprehensive eye care and contact lens services to patients of all ages. 

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