Computerized Visual Field Testing 

Stonewire Optometry provides on-site computerised visual field testing. Visual field testing allows our optometrists to analysis the optical pathway between the eyes and the visual cortex of the brain. This simple but effective eye test can pick up subtle changes in peripheral field loss that may otherwise go undetected. Visual field testing is extremely clinically valuable as it allows your optometrist to better diagnosis, document, and monitor your eye conditions.

Certain eye conditions that require visual field testing include glaucoma, optic nerve disease, retinal degenerations, retinal lesions, retinal detachments, unexplained vision loss, thyroid eye disease, tumours, and strokes secondary to heart disease. This test is often combined with OCT retinal imaging and retinal photography to get a complete overview of the health of the optic nerve.

Our clinic uses modern ZEISS FDT visual field testing equipment to help discover early changes within your visual field. The Zeiss FDT field analyser works on a frequency doubling technology allowing for faster visual field testing while detecting early subtle changes. Visual field testing is painless, and the use of dilating eye drops is not required. However, additional testing that needs dilation is often ordered along with the visual field test to better examine the internal structures of the eye.  

Visual field testing may be covered by Alberta Health Care once a year if your optometrist deems it to be medically necessary for the diagnosis, documentation or monitoring of an eye condition. If additional visual field testing is required; or you wish to add threshold visual field testing to your routine eye exam to better understand your eye health or to pass a driver’s test or work medical, than regular exam fees will apply. Our staff and optometrists will explain all costs before performing any additional testing.

Cost: $65.00, may be covered by Alberta Health Care.
Frequency: As required