I Want to Scratch My Eyes Out!

Photo: Lady blowing her nose because of seasonal allergies

Itchy, watery, burning eyes are only some of the ocular symptoms allergy suffers face. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or specific environment allergies we know that they can make you miserable. So what can you do?

1st Option: The Natural Approach

First off is the non-pharmaceutical approach.

  • Always shower and wash your hair before bed to remove any dust or allergens that might be trapped in your hair.
  • Change your pillowcases every couple of days
  • consider installing an air purifier in your bedroom or on your furnace.
  • You can also try lubricating eye drops to flush the allergens out of your eyes
  • A cold compress whenever they start to itch.
  • Saltwater nasal rinses are also a great option if your sinus’ feel blocked.

2nd Option: The Medical Approach

If the non-pharmaceutical approach doesn’t work, then you might need to see an optometrist for a prescription solution. Some topical and oral medications exist to help manage your symptoms, from long-term proactive options to short-term fast acting medications when things get a little out of control.

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