Eye Exams | Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Cost: Paid by INAC*
Frequency: Every 24 Months

INAC Optical assistance program falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government of Canada and is part of the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)program. This program provides Status First Nations, Inuit and Innu with health benefits that are not covered under other provincial programs. 

INAC covers all eligible members for a basic eye examination and eyeglasses every 2 years.

INAC eligible members that are between the ages of 0-18 or 65+ are covered under other Alberta Health Care programs for their eye exams and are eligible for eye exams every 12 months.  


  • Authorizations through INAC can take 48-72hrs to process. We are unable to obtain authorizations on the weekend or late Friday afternoons. Please ensure that you inform our staff at the time of booking, and that you call ahead if you wish to book an examination on the weekend.

  • All recipients must present a valid INAC or Status card, along with valid government-issued photo identification at the time of the eye exam.

Due to the turn around time for authorizations through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, we are unable to take walk-in appointments. Patients that require a same day eye exam may pay the regular professional fee and submit their receipts to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for full or partial reimbursement.

For more information on benefits and services, please refer to the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada website.

Additional Optometry Services We Provide:

Contact Lenses - Starting from $35.00

A contact lens fitting or refitting can be performed on anyone interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, or someone simply wishing to try a new brand of contact lenses. Most contact lens fittings or refittings can occur at the same time as your eye exam. 

Laser Eye Surgery Consultations - Additional fees apply

A laser eye surgery consultation can be performed on anyone who is interested in pursuing procedures such as PRK or LASIK.  Our eye doctors will provide you with an unbiased pre-surgical evaluation and will forward your test results to any surgery centre of your choice. The laser eye surgery consultation examination includes a dilated retinal examination and a cycloplegic eyeglass refraction.  

Dilated Retinal Exam - Additional fees may apply* 

A dilated retinal eye exam provides a more thorough examination of your overall eye health and retinal health.  A dilated retinal eye exam is always performed in the case of reduced vision, visual concerns and individuals with diabetes, cataracts and high blood pressure. It may also be performed if your eye doctor spots any eye health condition that requires further examination.

*Dilated retinal examinations are usually covered under Alberta Health Care when medically necessary. Otherwise, standard professional fees apply.