#17 | Always Tell Your Optometrist Your Complete Medical History

eye care tip of the week #17 - always tell your optometrist your complete medical history. 

Eye Care Tip of the Week | #17

Always tell your optometrist your complete medical history. 

Patients may often provide auxiliary health care providers like optometrists with an edited version of their healthcare history. They may unintentionally omit details, or they may feel that it's irrelevant, or they don't think it has anything to do with eyes. 

The truth of the matter is though, your body is a complete system, everything is connected. Health conditions can manifest in various ways, and the medications used to treat them may have visual side effects. Your visual symptoms may merely be revealing a more significant underlying health care problem that may be overlooked if your complete medical history isn't known. 

Every day doctors are put to the test; They make the best diagnosis and treatment plan they can, based on the facts available at the time. Failure to provide all the information they might require, really only affects you.

This Eye Care Tip of the Week is brought to you by Dr. Ross McKenzie & Dr. Jeff Holtz