#16 | October 24, 2017

Just say no to novelty halloween contact lenses

Eye Care Tip of the Week | #16

  • Just say no to novelty contact lenses this Halloween

Patients call our office around this time of year, looking for cheap non-prescription Halloween or special effect contact lenses to finish out their custom. 

Stonewire, however, does not sell Halloween or special effect contact lenses to the public because we have not yet found a brand that we feel is safe to wear. Many of these novelty contact lenses offer reduced oxygen transmissibility, which can lead to hypoxia-related complications to the cornea and may increase the risk of developing an infectious keratitis.      

To learn more about the risks, check out this excellent blog post written by one of our optometrists: 'Scary Halloween Contact Lenses' or feel free to check out the section by the FDA on Decorative Contact Lenses.  

You can also talk to one of our optometrists about alternative options.