Can I Swim in My Contact Lenses?

No, is the general answer to this question. Swimming in contact lenses may increase your risk of developing a serious eye infection, corneal scarring or vision loss. Contact lenses are porous like sponges and will absorb microbes, chemicals and other impurities from the water. These impurities are then left in constant contact with the surface of the eye, increasing the likelihood of ocular surface disease.

If you must swim in your contact lenses, it’s important to always wear a good fitting pair of swimming goggles, and never open your eyes under water without wearing goggles. Contact lenses can swell and adhere to the surface of the eye, or they may fall out and be lost. Once you get out of the water, it’s important to discard your contact lenses and open a fresh new clean pair. If you swim regularly, you may want to consider try a 1-Day disposable contact lens instead. These lenses should also be discarded after swimming and a fresh new clean pair inserted for the reminder of the day.

Book your next eye exam with an optometrist at Kingsway Optometry and ask about your options for swimming.