Single Best Eyeglass Upgrade

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Anti-reflective coatings are by far the single best eyeglass upgrade a person can purchase. Eyeglass lenses that do not have an anti-reflective coating can actually reduce your overall vision and can lead to eyestrain and visual fatigue. In fact, basic non-coated eyeglass lenses can reflect up to 10% of the light. High index lenses can further increase this amount because of internal reflections, making anti-reflective applications absolutely crucial for optimal vision in these thinner lighter lenses.

Anti-reflective eyeglass lenses allow up to 99% of the light to pass directly through the lens. This produces a brighter, sharper more natural feeling image to the wearer. Reduced internal and surface reflections also helps with improved cosmetic appeal during both work and social situations. Anti-reflective coatings allow for better eye-to-eye contact and are a must have for anyone who works with the public. 

Night driving can be dramatically improved by using anti-reflective lenses. These eyeglass lenses help to reduce glare from on coming headlights as well as from auxiliary sources within the vehicle such as the instrument panel or navigation systems. These same principles also apply to working on the computer or playing video games. By reducing unwanted glare from computer monitors and overhead lights, anti-reflective lenses can actually help to reduce end of day visual fatigue.

Anti-reflective lenses have evolved immensely over the past few decades since they were first introduced. Today, high quality anti-reflective lenses offer the best resistance against scratching, as they must be applied over an ultra-tough base coat. Some anti-reflective coatings also help to repel dust and oil from the lens surface and make cleaning your eyeglasses faster and easier.

Review: 5 Reasons to purchase anti-reflective coatings

1.     Improved light transmission    

2.     Improved cosmetic appeal   

3.     Improved night time vision  

4.     Improved computer vision  

5.     Improved scratch resistance