Clean, Healthy, Carefree Contact Lenses

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1-Day disposable contact lenses offer patients a great alternative to conventional 2-Week or 1-Month disposable lenses. For years now research has shown that the more often you can dispose of your contact lenses, the healthier your eyes will be, the better they will feel and the better your vision will be. Wearing contact lenses until they irritate your eyes, results in contact lens discomfort and patients looking for more expensive alternatives such as laser eye surgery.

To combat contact lens discomfort, manufacturers set out to create a 1-Day disposable product so that patients no longer had to remember when to change their 2-Week or 1-Month contact lenses. As a side benefit, 1-Day contact lenses turned out to be a savings grace for allergy sufferers, patients with contact lens solution allergies, and a hygienic alternative for young kids.

Yes 1-Day contact lenses cost slightly more then 2-Week or 1-Month disposable lenses, but you will also never have to purchase contact lens solution again. An annual supply of 1-Day contact lenses is also only about 1/10 the price of some laser eye surgery procedures. 

To learn more about 1-Day disposable contact lenses, book a comprehensive eye health examination and a professional contact lens fitting with your optometrist at Kingsway Optometry. 

1-Day Disposable Trial Lenses Include:

  • Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus by Ciba Vision
  • Focus Dailies by Ciba Vision
  • 1-Day Acuvue TruEye by Johnson & Johnson
  • Softlens 1-Day by Bausch and Lomb