#24 | Where did my information from Sears Optical Go?

Since the closing of Sears Optical in Kingsway Mall on December 15, 2017, some patients have been asking us where they can access their old eyeglass, contact lens, and patient file information. 

We'll conveniently enough if you had your eyeglasses made at the Sears location in Kingsway Mall all the data remained in the mall and is located at Pearle Vision. So if you need to a copy of your prescription, or you want to get another pair of eyeglasses made with the same information, or need warranty work done just stop by the optical and their staff of Licensed Opticians will be happy to assist you. Pearle Vision is located on the main level of Kingsway Mall, between Entrance #4 and The Bay

If you're looking for a copy of your patient file or your contact lens information that's a different story. All patient files and contact lens information are still the property of Dr. Kevin Tsen. To access a copy of this report, please visit the Alberta Association of Optometry website to get his new practice location(s).

If however, you would like to have your patient file or contact lens information transferred to Stonewire Optometry in Kingsway Mall our front staff would be happy to assist you at the time of your appointment with us.  

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