#13 | September 26, 2017

No-Rub Contact Lens Solution

Eye Care Tip of the Week #13

There are no no-rub contact lens solutions. 

If you wear a two-week or monthly disposable contact lens, you must rub the lens every night after removing it and before storing it in fresh solution. This little step only adds 5-10 seconds to the daily process, but it certainly can make a big difference in your ocular comfort and health. 

The rubbing action helps to break down the biofilm that develops on the surface of the contact lenses and prevents the contact lens solution from properly penetrating and disinfecting the lens. 

All contact lens handling routines were re-evaluated after a rash of fungal keratitis outbreaks in contact lens wearers between 2005-2006. It was later determined that the mere act of rubbing the contact lens surface helped to disinfect the lens better than no rub techniques.

Check out this great article on Pub Med: Soft contact lens cleaning: rub or no-rub?

This Eye Care Tip of the Week is brought to you by: Dr. Ross McKenzie