Contact Lens Irritation & Smoke


With campfire season upon us, it’s time to be reminded about things that can lead to ocular irritation. Campfire smoke and cigarette smoke can contaminate your contact lenses and lead to ocular surface irritation and dryness.

If your eyes become sore and irritated, remove your contact lenses immediately. Use an artificial lubricating drop such as Systane Ultra to flush the eye out and rehydrate the ocular surface. Discard the contaminated contact lens or thoroughly rinse and clean the lens before reusing it. Never put a contact lens into a red irritated looking eyeball, as this can result in a serious eye infection. If the redness does not disappear or your vision seems blurry, seek the guidance of an optometrist.

FYI: Visits to your optometrists for eye infections are now covered under Alberta Health Care. A valid Alberta Health Care card is required.