A New Systane Eye Drop Has Just Arrived!

Systane Complete is Now Available in Canada

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Alcon Pharmaceuticals has just released a brand new lubricating eye drop called Sytane Complete. Providing a new option for dry eye relief. 

This new dry eye treatment is a hybrid formulation combining all the benefits of their Systane Ultra Hydration (see early article below) and Systane Balance eye drops. This new combo therapy offers a more convenient option to patients that have dry eye symptoms related to both lipid and aqueous layer deficiencies. 

The new Systane Complete uses a new nanodroplet technology to provide better overall surface coverage. This diffuse coverage of the cornea provides fast-long lasting relief to dry eye patients.  

Active Ingredient: 
Propylene Glycol 0.6% 

POLYQUAD (polyquaternium-1) 0.001%

To learn more about the new Systane Complete and whether it's an appropriate dry eye therapy for you, please book a consultation with a Stonewire Optometrist.  To see pricing, visit our new product page. 

Systane Ultra Hydration

Image: Systane Hydration bottle and packaging

Alcon Pharmaceuticals has introduced a new member to their world leading Systane eye drop family. Systane Hydration is a new formulation approved for the relief of dry, burning, irritated eyes and the repair of damaged corneal epithelial cells on the eye's surface.

How’s it different? Systane Hydration includes Hyaluronic Acid a naturally found polymer of disaccharides (aka. sugars) which are present in the cartilage of our knees and within our skin. It’s highly elastic properties help promote longer surface contact, extending the benefit of the lubricating drops, while inversely limiting the visual blur. In the long run, this combination may contribute to improving the signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Hyaluronic acid is considered an essential player in wound healing and displays mild anti-inflammatory properties which may further add to the treatment benefits.

Approved for Contact Lenses. Systane Hydration is approved for use with all silicone hydrogel contact lenses and soft contact lenses for less irritation, discomfort and blurred vision related to contact lens-induced dryness.

Where Can I buy the New Systane Hydration Eye Drops? Simply talk to our front desk staff. Stonewire currently sells Systane Hydration, Systane Ultra and Systane Balance in store. 

Systane Family of Eye Drops Includes:

  • Systane Ultra Hydration
  • Systane Ultra
  • Systane Ultra Preservative Free
  • Systane Original
  • Systane Gel Drops
  • Systane Balance

To learn which Systane lubricating eye drop may be best suited for your particular dry eye symptoms, book an eye health examination with an optometrist at Stonewire Optometry today.

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