Never Swim in Your Contact Lenses

It’s true; you should never swim in your contact lenses. Swimming pools, lakes, oceans, tap water and hot tubs are all home to millions of different types of bacteria, virus’ and fungi just waiting to cause an eye infection. So don’t be fooled, clean looking water is never 100% clean. 

Swimming in contact lenses can lead to a fungal eye infection, one of the most severe types of eye conditions. Fungal eye infection although uncommon in Alberta are always serious and may end up leading towards hospitalization, vision loss and a need for a corneal transplant.

Even if you don’t develop a fungal eye infection, you can increase ocular irritation, dry eye symptoms and develop contact lens intolerances which might just ruin your vacation.

Even if you wear goggles, you’re not immune.

Wearing goggles certainly can help to reduce the likelihood of your contact lenses coming into contact with water or accidentally dislodging, but they can’t completely prevent it. Contact lenses are like sponges and absorb everything they come in contact with.  

So the bottom line is this,

Never swim in your contact lenses!

And if you do, please throw them out immediately. If you develop a red, sore, light sensitive, irritated eye, please see an eye doctor immediately and tell them what you did!

Eye Care Tip:  Always thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before inserting or removing your contact lenses to reduce the likelihood of an eye infection. 

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