Eye Exams: Book Your Little Guy In Today!

Children should have a routine eye examination by an optometrist every year. Every day, our optometrists discover undetected vision problems through regular eye exams, that would otherwise go undetected. Many children have no visible signs or symptoms, and parents may not be able to recognize the signs of vision problems at a young age.

As such, Stonewire recommends that all children have their first eye exam somewhere between 6-month and 1-year of age and every year after that. Children grow quickly, and their eye health can change. 

What's Covered by Alberta Health Care in Regards to Kids? 

  • Annual comprehensive eye exam - ages 0-18
  • Follow-up examinations when required 
  • Eye emergencies (red eyes, pink eyes, eye injuries, etc)
  • Additional testing procedures when medically necessary (visual fields, OCT, & retinal photography)

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