Stonewire is helping to set the standard for future ophthalmology referrals

EZ-Referral is a new Edmonton based technology company that allows doctors to securely send electronic referrals between each other while keeping the patient informed during the entire process. The program provides both physicians and patients with real-time updates of when referrals were sent, read, booked and confirmed by the patient. No more lost faxes, delays or phone tag between patients and doctors offices. 

The EZ-Referral technology will help our optometrists keep patients better informed and in control of their referrals while reducing the anxiety and stress that can come from requiring to see a specialist for treatment.

Stonewire Optometry is proud to be the first optometry clinic in Canada and Edmonton to sign up with EZ-Referral. Our company has been actively promoting EZ-Referral in recruiting other like-minded practitioners in Edmonton to sign up.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please visit their website at, or watch their live CTV interview on Alberta Prime Time.  

As always, Stonewire Optometry is committed to staying on the forefront of patient treatment and customer service.

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