Contact Lens Corner: What's New in 1-Day Disposable Contact Lenses?

Dailies Total-1 is still the newest and most advanced 1-day disposable contact lens on the market for 2015. Available at Stonewire Optometry in Edmonton, this class leading 1-day disposable contact lens offers exceptional all day comfort. Dailies Total-1 provides over 6 times more oxygen than the leading 1-day lens, all day moisture control and improved end of day comfort.

Dailies Total-1 contact lenses come in 30 and 90 packs and are available for nearsighted patients with prescriptions from -0.50 to -10.00. Unfortunately, farsighted and astigmatism version of this contact lens are not yet available. Dailies Total-1 offers a subtle handling tint, called visitint, making it easier to see and handle. With a centre thickness of only 0.09mm*, the Dailies Total 1 provides a thin, comfortable, almost non-existent contact lens wearing experience.

Who can benefit from Dailies Total 1 disposable contact lenses?

  • Patients with dry eye
  • Patients who wear their lenses all day.
  • Patients who want a fresh, clean pair of contact lens every day
  • Patients who want a high oxygen permeable contact lens for whiter healthier looking eyes
  • Patients who want end of day comfort.
  • Patients who don’t love their current contact lenses.  

To experience the all new Dailies Total-1 contact lens, book a contact lens fitting at your next Stonewire eye exam.


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