Better Vision = Better Grades?

Having better vision may equate to achieving better grades at school. The classroom environment challenges children to focus on distance and near objects throughout the school day. Ensuring that your child’s eyes work properly may help out with their academic performance.

Parents understand the need for eyeglasses in nearsighted children who have problems seeing the board. However confusion still exists in farsighted children, who appear to have no problems seeing at all. Farsighted children may seem to lack focus and concentration when reading and writing. This is because their eye muscles must work harder to sustain concentration on near tasks. This increased focusing demand can cause general fatigue and may occasionally lead to frontal headaches. Child often compensate for this by trying to limit or avoid near point tasks for extended periods of time.

So please don’t be shy in talking to your optometrist about any classroom or learning problems that your child may be having. A new pair of eyeglasses may not provide all the answers, but it may help to eliminate vision problems from your list of concerns.