Comprehensive Sight Testing with Kingsway Optometry

Sight Testing Lady Eye Chart.jpg

Comprehensive sight testing is only one component of our comprehensive eye health examinations at Kingsway Optometry. Our optometrists provide an extensive sight test for every patient with every complete eye exam. Sight testing helps to ensure that you can see your best both in the distance and up close. If your sight test determines that you require a prescription for eyeglasses then our eye doctors will provide you with a copy of your eyeglass prescription at no additional charge.

Sight testing however without a comprehensive eye health evaluation is simply unethical eye care. Providing our patients with a prescription for new eyeglasses without determining the underlying cause of their vision changes is not what Kingsway Optometry is about. So rest assured that the eye doctors at Kingsway Optometry will conduct a thorough eye health exam prior to dispensing your eyeglass prescription.

An eye exam performed by a licensed optometrist is about more than just updating your eyeglasses or contact lenses, it’s about peace of mind.

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