How Often Should I Go for an Eye Exam?

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Everyone age of 3 and up should have a yearly eye health exam by an optometrist.

We are happy to see kids below the age of 3 if you have any concerns or there is a strong family history of eye problems. Things to watch out for include: an eye turn (“crossed eyes” or “wall eye”), squinting, excessive tearing or rubbing of the eyes, or any signs of poor visual development. If there is a family history of any eye conditions or an older brother or sister with vision problems, then eye exams should be started at 6 months of age.

FACT: Kids eye exams are covered by Alberta Health Care. 

Some optometrist may recommend an eye exam every two years for young and middle aged adults, but we believe it is better to check yearly. Certain eye conditions such as glaucoma can develop in people as young as 20 to 40. Since glaucoma is a disease without any symptoms, why take a chance of having it for as long as two years without knowing it?

Anyone who wears contact lenses should have an annual eye exam to ensure that the contact lenses are providing you with clean crisp vision and are not causing any problems. It also provides an opportunity for you and your eye doctor to ensure that you are wearing the newest and healthiest contact lenses on the market.

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