Coming Soon to Kingsway Mall

Coming Soon to Kingsway Mall.jpg

Over the past few years Kingsway Mall has gone through a dramatic renovation to produce a cleaner brighter shopping experience. As a result, the mall continues to attract great new stores each year providing shoppers with even more reason beside their annual eye exam to stop by.

Victoria’s Secret will open its doors to their second Edmonton location on October 20, 2011. Stop by Kingsway Mall to check out the new store on the upper level and take part in the celebrations.

Kingsway Mall has also announced the addition of Boston Pizza to the restaurant line up, providing more lunchtime options for employees and shoppers. A new Flight Centre location will also be opening up directly above our store, providing a convenient location to book a winter getaway.

With all of this, plus the addition of the new LRT station at Kingsway Mall next year, the mall should once again be in position to regain its fame as a true ‘shoppers’ mall.