Why Stonewire? Because Eye Exams is All We Do.

We provide in-depth, convenient, affordable and professional eye exams to patients of all ages within Edmonton. Our goal is to earn your trust by providing you with an educational eye exam, on time and on budget. 

Our responsibility to you is to ensure that we provided access to the newest proven diagnostic equipment, treatments and trusted eye care products available on the market. We do this by investing in the latest automated equipment, digital eye charts, ultra-wide field digital retinal photography, OCT retinal imaging and computerized visual field testing. Equipment which allows our optometrists to make an accurate timely diagnosis for same day treatment or referral to an ophthalmologist if required.  

Stonewire Optometry clinic in Edmonton is unique because of our holistic and simplistic approach to eye care and the eye exam. We believe that diet, exercise and modern medicine all play an equal role in having happy, healthy eyes and sharp, crisp clear vision.

The health and science behind personal eye care has evolved past the basic eye care advice of eating more carrots. Modern eye care is changing rapidly, with new theories and technologies for the prevention, detection and treatment of eye care conditions.

100 Day.....100% Eyeglass Prescription Guarantee

If you have problems adjusting to your new eyeglass prescription,
we would be happy to re-check our findings and adjust
your eyeglass prescription as required. No Questions Asked.

We guarantee the accuracy of the eyeglass prescriptions we prescribe.

Our optometry clinic offers a professional yet casual unpretentious eye exam environment that centres around the needs of our patients. With our 100 Day, 100% Prescription Guarantee you can rest assured that we will work with you to get the perfect eyeglass prescription.  

Stonewire is Open 7-Days a Week

Our clinic is here to provide eye care services when you need us.
Our eye doctors are available 7-days a week for routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, eyeglass prescriptions,
and emergency eye care services. 

Our Kingsway Mall location offers extended evening and weekend (Saturday & Sunday) eye exam appointments to meet your busy schedule or to handle an unexpected eye emergency. 

You Can Book your Optometry Appointment Online

Pick your eye doctor, your time and you're in!

No Email Requests Here, You Can Literally Book Your Own Eye Exam!

Stonewire Optometry accepts new patient bookings, and walk-in eye exam appointments. We allow you to book your own eye exam appointment online - pick your doctor, the time, and you're in! We also promise to get you in as soon as possible in the event of an eye emergency. Give our optometry clinic a call before noon, and we promise to see you the same day!

Our eye clinic is located on the main level of Kingsway Mall, just north of downtown Edmonton close to the Royal Alex Hospital. Our clinic location in Kingsway Mall offers ample parking, easy main floor access, close proximity to NAIT, the bus terminal and the new Kingsway/Royal Alex Hospital LRT station. Use Entrance #4.

Before Noon Promise

If you should ever experience an eye emergency, give us a call before noon
and we will promise to get you in with one of our optometrists the same day.

Just Call Us @ 780.628.6886

We Focus On Eye Exams & Contact Lenses

Stonewire Optometry does not sell eyewear products such as eyeglasses, sunglasses or safety eye wear. Instead, 100% of our energy is focused on providing you with the best eye exam possible. All of our patients are handed a copy of their eyeglass prescription at the conclusion of their eye exam. No questions asked!

If you do require eyewear, our clinic has a close professional working partnership with Pearle Vision Optical in Kingsway Mall. Pearle Vision carries an extensive selection of premium brand named eyewear, sun wear and safety eyewear and they are one of the world's largest optical providers in the world. 

This close working relationship allows our optometrists the ability to work directly with one of the Licensed Opticians at Pearle to accurately fill your eyeglass or sunglass prescription as intended and the capacity to trouble shoot any problems that may arise. 

We might not sell eyeglasses, but we do fit and sell contact lenses. In fact, we carry a wide selection of brand named contact lenses in stock for same day dispensing of the most common contact lens prescriptions. Our brands include Alcon, Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb and Cooper Vision.